Writing and Photography Has a Power, even to Move Mountains (or make yourself better)

Hey, you read my story again. How are you? I hope you are getting better, or I hope you’re fine and well and happy. Me? not so much, still struggling with depression, anxiety, and grief. But that’s okay, I have my time maybe, either to strive, or to end myself (which went past my head several times). Okay so, at this time of adversity and grief, I decided to write, like several times a week, on anything that comes to my mind.

Maybe I’m not too engaged on this page a lot, since you see, the last time I posted before I become active again is on 2017, I guess. I’m trying to become active again nowadays because of how I found writing as a way to cope my stress and at least my mood for the time being. I am doing a big research now too, on what is human’s biggest fear that lingers around since a kid or since having some kind of traumatic past events. you can fill it in too if you want, it is on bit.ly/sebuahriset :)

So, how writing can cope my stress? In my experience, it drowns out my stress by making a distractions, and making my mind to focus on somewhere rather than my fear and all the things that made me anxious or depressed. The stress is there, but not wholly potent that makes my mind wanders again and make me cry or anything. Yes, I am still crying everyday, once a day minimum. It is hard, but writing things makes it at least not making me drown in that.

Beside writing, I have to grow a fondness on photography. I bought my first analog 35mm camera like few weeks ago. I am backing off on social media because it affects much on my mental health, so i don’t whether or not finally I’m back at it again to post all my 35mm photos. I learned a lot for this past week on photography, and I kinda want to buy a decent mirrorless camera, but well, I have no job right now so it can wait, I guess, at least until I have a new stable job.

I don’t think this writing make some insight for you, this is just for divert the minds. Maybe I can say this in the end, do what makes you happy, or at least what makes you feel something, never take it for granted, love it, embrace it, experience it, do everything to make it a memory, do, do the right thing, make it count, appreciate it, embrace the feeling inside, even when you think you want to die. Just do, and as the John Mayer’s song called “Wheel” said:

“I Believe, that my life’s gonna see, the love I give, return to me.”




Weird Coffee Person. Weird Watch Enthusiast. Weird Sneaker Collector. Catch me up on Sebuah Siniar.

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Weird Coffee Person. Weird Watch Enthusiast. Weird Sneaker Collector. Catch me up on Sebuah Siniar.

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